Monday, June 1, 2020

Monday, June 1, 2020 - End Of School Instructions and Virtual Party and Summer Opportunities

1) Mr Burnham Saying Hi with some updates...  Last Class Video 
  • This Week
    • Monday PM Class Hangounts Party Call... 
    • Tuesday AM Class Hangounts Party Call... 
      • Tuesday 8:30 AM Chat with your class mates and say bye...
      • PM Students welcome
      • Prize drawing for selected attendees... 
    • Thursday - Every One - Pickup/Drop off
      • Time  11:30-1:00
        • You will be able to drive into the bus circle, you can NOT exit your car.  I will be there to pick up stuff and hand you stuff.
        • I have your lab books and a few other items.  I will send out an email and text if you have more than your engineering note book
        • If you are returning the 8 Bit computer, and I have not already picked it up, this is when you can drop it off.
        • Return your Skills USA stuff, I will be taking shirts and jackets
  • Take Attendance and 8 Bit Computer Question <-- Do this assignment... Do It
  • End Of the Year Survey.  Please take the 5-7 minutes to fill this out - Our Principal said that you will not get your certificate until you fill out this survey...

2) LINKED IN - To stay connected, make sure you are linked to me on Linked In... Why? That is one of the main ways I'll stay connected professionally with you.  It's how I'll check on how you are doing in the future.  It's how I'll let you know of cool stuff I find, and it's how I'll let you know about any jobs or internships I come across... It's also how you will request any letters or recommendation. 
3) Do a Flipgrid  - Say Hi to Future Mechatronics Engineering Students - Think "Recruitment Video"
  • Say Hi and your First Name - Not your LAST Name "Hi, my name is Jim... "
  • Did you like the Mechatronics Class? Why?
  • What was the hardest or most challenging project or topic
  • What did you like the BEST? (it can be the same topic as question #3)
  • If could tell a future Mechatronics student how they should get ready, and what to focus on to get the most out of the class, what would that advice be?
4) Keep working on Python and the 8 Bit computer... check past blog posts for assignments... 

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