Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Tuesday, October 2, 2018 - Sensors and Halloween

Mechatronics Engineering Google Site
Special Instructions:

Entry Ticket - Think Of A Problem That Needs To Be Solved
  • Assignment - Duration: 10 Min
  • Instructions & Expectations: Think about the world around you.  What are the hard problems that need to be solved.  These could be half way around the world, but they could also be right in your own community.  Pair up with your Rube Gold Berg Partner, Brain Storm with them about issues, problems, challenges that you, your family, or community may face.  It could be related to lack of access to technology, if could be related to a health or environmental problem... It could be related to lack of access to education and learning... Or clean water, or Electricity... Really any thing you can think of...  Just make a list of ideas... this is brainstorming, so don't judge the ideas, just free form list them
  • How to Submit Assignment: Go to our Mechatronics Engineering google classroom and check the current Assignments & Questions.You will turn in your list of ideas.  Every one turns this is, so make your own list. - 10 Points

Mechatronics Engineering Plan For Today:
  • Entry Ticket - Solve a Problem in the World
  • 37 sensor - Instructables
  • Rube Gold Berg
  • Clean Up

Samsung - Solve For Tomorrow Challenge
  • Lecture/Presentation - Duration: 10 Min
  • Link: Samsung Challenge Winners
  • Instructions & Expectations: Listen and take notes in your Interactive Lab Book. If needed review the posted slide presentation
Sensor Lab - Lets Learn About More Sensors
  • LAB - Duration: 40 Min
  • Link: Presentation Link
  • Instructions & Expectations: List instructions here
  • How to Submit Assignment: Do the following
  • Dig Deeper: Look here to learn more...
Documenting Your Sensor - Instructables
Rube Gold Berg

Clean Up
  • Assignment - Duration: 15 Min
  • Instructions & Expectations: Desk cleanup, put away all projects, find your assigned job
  • How to Submit Assignment: When Complete, check yourself off on Sign Out Sheet - 2 Points


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