Friday, October 19, 2018

Friday October 19, 2018 - WoHoooo Happy Friday

Mechatronics Engineering Google Site
Special Instructions:

Entry Ticket - Can we teach robots ethics? (20 Min) (till About 12:50)
  • Read the following article  on .  Can we teach robots ethics?
  • Please read this article and then comment on what you thought. What is the main problem that exist when trying to teach robots morals? How would solve this problem? Please write 100+words (that 3 short paragraphs, with an Intro, main thought or question or answer to the argument and a conclusion) make them thoughtful words

Mechatronics Engineering Plan For Today:
  • Entry Ticket  - HBRC
  • 37 Sensors
  • Halloween Project
  • Job Ready Skills
  • Clean Up

37 Sensors Presentation and Instructables ~ 40 min
  • Instructions & Expectations: Please sit with your partner... can't remember who your partner is? See here, where you told me.  
  • OK, You should be about done with your Instructable Doc... So  please spend 10-15 min and finish.  You will turn in a final version today
  • Now You want to spend about 30 min to take the information in your Instructable document and finish the slides, which you are presenting as a team on Monday...
  • A Good 4-5 slide presentation will have the following information: 
      • Catchy Title Slide , with a "hook" image or statement to catch the attention of the audience
      • Over view slide for the Sensor.  This slide will give a short introduction to the sensor
      • Pin definition slide.  This slide will show all the pins, define them and tell how to hook them up
      • Detailed schematic or wiring diagram showing how to connect the sensor to a breadboard or arduino (maybe even use TinkerCAD to show this)
      • Description of the code (you don;t have to show the whole program, just describe it, 
      • Conclusion, Thankyou and Questions
  • How to Submit Assignment: 
    • Turn in your final Document Instructable / Tutorial. This version should be different than what you turned in on Thursday... With about an 15 more worth of work to polish it... maybe have Rey look at it.... Each of you should submit your own copy of the document.  I have made a google classroom assignment - under the category Presentations "Final - Sensor Instructable - #4" where you will cut and paste your doc into my template.  Even if you are working as a team and you have been sharing a document, make sure you have your own copy, and submit it yourself. Make a copy and make any additional edits and submit.
    • Turn in your 4-5 slide presentation. Each of you should submit your own copy of the Presentation.  I have made a google classroom assignment - under the category Presentations "Final - Sensor Instructable Presentation" where you will cut and paste your doc into my template. 
Halloween Project / Robot Club and Open LAB (8:30-9:10)- (till cleanup)
  • Assignment,  Instructions & Expectations: This is a Team project, where you will build something to go in the Haunted House.  Check out the project list here on the Robot Club "Maker Fridays" page 
  • Dig Deeper: Look at Instructables on Halloween to lean more...

  • Link: Robot Club Google Sites
  • Instructions & Expectations: Work on your Robot Club Project.  
  • How to Submit Assignment: Your Team will need to submit an update to your Robot Project pages.  Make sure you talk to Mr. Burnham about where to update your Robot Project Status Google docs.  If you don't have a page on the Robot Club Site, then turn in the Google Classroom Robot Club assignment.
  • Dig Deeper: Open Lab:
    Clean Up your Project, then back to your desk for quiet work

    Job Ready Skills - 20+ min 9:15-9:30

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